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Winners have a coach

With a Personal Trainer the mental battle becomes a little more one sided in favour of the exercise enthusiast in the red corner!

If you’ve booked an appointment, and you’ve committed to turning up, your behaviour tends to follow your intentions! So just simply booking a Personal Trainer can be enough to motivate you into showing up, and once you’re in the gym, no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping those people at home on the couch!

It starts to make sense!

There’s nothing worse than going through that mental battle, putting your gym kit on, going down to the gym floor and suddenly that horrible realisation dawns on you and you say to yourself ‘I don’t know what I’m doing!’.

If you don’t plan your workout, the chances are, unless you really have mastered the art of spontaneity, you’re not going to have a good workout. This is where Personal Trainers step in. A good PT will have your session planned out for you, and it won’t be any old plan that they’ve found off the internet, it will be an exercise plan that makes sense to your life!

The research is taken care of!

If you’re into health and fitness, and we assume you are as otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, you’ve probably been exposed to a wealth of knowledge from all different types of sources over the years. What you read in Women’s Magazine, may very much conflict with the latest thing Michelle Lewin is telling you on her snapchat! The job of a Personal Trainer is to stay on top of all these latest trends and decide which ones are right and relevant for you! It’s a confusing world out there, we just don’t know if High Intensity Interval Training always trumps Low Intensity Steady State Cardio at all times of day, so let your PT decide! You just show up and do what you’re told ;)

Support you all the way!

Ok, so haterz gonna hate! When you upload your first gym selfie picture on facebook and announce that you’re a fully-fledged member of Xercise4Less looking to make some #gainz, not all your so called ‘friends’ are going to be there for you! Many will be jealous and even tell you to your face that you’re not going to stick to this so ‘why bother?’.

With a Personal Trainer behind you, they have you’re your best interests at heart. They’re not your bitchy best friend out to have better abs than you when you step on the beach this summer. Nor are they that over-caring family member that tells you "'you're' tiring yourself out’ with all this ‘gym stuff’". A Personal Trainer will push you to your limits. Limits you are just about comfortable with, and will only ever view your training sessions in a non-judgemental, supportive manner!

Correct your form!

It’s not about counting the amount of weight you lift, it’s about making the amount of weight you lift count!

We really wanted to quote that and reference some expert BodyBuilder from the 70’s who pioneered the whole ‘good form’ movement, but in truth we’re that cool we just made that quote up! Being 'cool' aside, form is really important, incorrect form puts you at risk of getting injured, and worse still...it can even inhibit your progress in making #gainz! Youtube videos of Ronnie Coleman and Men’s Health Magazine may well offer good form tips, but where a Personal Trainer really comes in handy is that they can give you that feedback while you are performing the exercise, and make noticeable adjustments to your ‘lifting tekkers’! It’s not just the lifting form either that Personal Trainers can help you with, they can help you with your running form, your body-weight exercise form and even your ‘mind body connection’ form!

Be better at your sport, life and everything!

Lots of people hit the gym for a reason, there’s a fair few out there who are actual athletes and train for their chosen sport. ‘Bravo’ if you are one of those truly dedicated souls who use the gym to improve your sports performance! But if you’re doing this without a Personal Trainer, you’re surely missing a trick? A Personal Trainer will be able to choose the appropriate exercises for you that will improve key skills required for your sport. If you’re looking to improve Speed, Quickness and Agility and Personal Trainer will have an array of exercises and tests designed to help you. If you are more concerned with getting your balance and coordination right, again a Personal Trainer will have a whole host of exercises in their locker to assist you in this!

Do more in less time!

When you’re training by yourself, even if you have a concrete plan in mind, it can be hard to say to yourself- ‘time to take this stuff to the next level’ and then follow that up with doing 30 burpees then 20 leg raises until failure! You would have to be highly motivated and very strong-willed to do this. A Personal Trainer on the other hand, will turn your workout up a gear or two! With exercising at a much higher intensity, you’ll burn more calories in a shorter space of time.

If you’re goal is weight loss, or to get lean muscle- a calorie busting workout is your best friend, so again a PT might be just what you need to progress!