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Hello! and Welcome to UK Fitness. The most inspirational and dashing solution to all your fitness problems. We at UK Fitness believes, Fitness comes first to all our customer's. Hence, we put our customers above all, both in terms of service, we provide as well as what we believe in them. Now, you might be thinking that what difference can we make from our traditional competitors! For that, you need to visit our centre once folks and enjoy the difference in our service from our traditional competitors.

We firmly believe in one thing, that it's better not to say and make balloons of expectations, instead we believe in delivering. So, come to us and feel the difference. Waiting for u at our stores!

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Power Yoga & Pilates

Power Yoga is a complete balance and holistic exercise that increases flexibility and strengthens both muscle power and mental stability, where pilates simply focuses on the body's core strengths.

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Weight Training

It improves bone density. One of the best ways you can control bone loss as you age is to add strength training into your workout plan. It promotes fat-free body mass with decreasing sarcopenia.

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Marathon Training

It is a gently progressive program involving four days of running a week. The long run in the first week of training is a relatively easy 6-miler. A tapering period allows runners to gather energy for the race.

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Weight Loss Training

Weight loss workout plan consists of both cardiovascular exercise and resistance training.Cardiovascular exercise burns a lot of calories, as such this weight loss workout plan is centred around cardio.

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"Fitness is not a destination it is a way of life"

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Group Training

Group workouts will increase your effectiveness by providing accountability, and you’ll find yourself pushing harder in an energy-filled atmosphere. Plus, being surrounded by like-minded members will increase your motivation and inspiration.Working out with others will be a learning experience.

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Corporate Training

Successful organisations value their employees and understand that their wellbeing is an essential component to their company’s success. Create a culture of health and fitness at your workplace with Fit for Living’s Corporate Fitness Training and watch your team’s productivity and morale soar.

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Personal Training

Personal training results in higher strength, higher workout intensities, and higher perceived exertion during exercise in women. Although women working with personal trainers do self-select heavier loads than women who did not, the loads used are still below recommended training load percentages.

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